Former dog washer, blogger, brooklynite and jaded grad student. Current FT mom of 1 year old Mona and PT non profit remote recruiter…who could stand to learn a few things about life en general. Are you there internet? It’s me, Margaret.

Former graphic designer, project manager and brooklynite turned PhD in conservation biology and husband extraordinaire. He can fix anything somehow and loves a good light beer and good tunes. This is Spencer.

This is my attempt at channeling Lena Dunham, but from a slightly older perspective and one that’s kind of okay with being an upstate homebody who wants to eat more organic food than what happens in reality. It took me two years, two miscarriages lots of ass needles and tears to become a mom. I regret nothing. Much of this blog will be about chronicling whiny health issues and the utter weirdness and frustration that comes with such tasks.


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