A reflection on Mother’s Day 2018: Babytech

Let me start by stating perhaps the obvious. I love being a mom. From every pore on my body (that so desperately needs a facial) to the ways it has made me a better, more in the moment person. I just adore it because I love our little Mona so much.

But, I get nervous. I get nervous about the future, her future. The mean people, the crazies and especially this place of places–the internet! I grew up in a time where kids had beepers (only the cool ones, like my husband) and eventually nokia cell phones for which to play the enchanting game of “snake.”

I simply don’t know how to raise a child in this tech centric world we live in. Especially to navigate childhood and teen years with social media, capitalism on roids and constructed identities that haven’t even been really formed. UGH. I hate it already.

And yet, I continue to craft an online identity (not really) but like for example I don’t share this blog because I am nervous about putting it ALL out there. But I want to raise Mona to be proud, body positive, accepting of her feelings, feminist, free thinking person that she will be. I want her to learn and love to fail, to be happy, to live life because it is so damn short. I don’t ever want her to be made to feel bad or that she can buy happiness.

Am I sounding old yet?

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not suggesting we buy a farm, though it sounds nice. Also a landline. I have contemplated getting a flip phone, but for the pictures and texting. I also like technology.

I keep up with my mom friends on facebook. I send emails. Hell, I work remotely. Duh. I love reading articles and seeing photos of friends kids and travels. It makes me feel happy and generally connected. How do I navigate it as a parent?

Maybe we will just be in like flying car hologram level technology by that point so I really shouldn’t sweat it. Mona, I just want you to know I am proud of you already, perfect and failing and temporary though we are.


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