Patience my pet

Hello World!

It is incredibly hard to believe that in one week Mona will be 5 months old. She is the total light of my life.

Everyone says things get better, easier, you come out of the newborn hazy forest and life slowly starts to make sense again as time passes. It is so true. Every time I stop to reflect I feel more and more normal.

I was fortunate to receive a job with my current organization working part time from home. I thought I had struck it rich! And maybe I have. But, it doesn’t mean it’s without challenges.

Work has been pretty slow so far so I am definitely still getting in the groove of things. Maybe once my workload picks up everything will feel more routinized. But there is a part of me that wonders–should I try to be working outside of the house? I think this motherhood thing is still so new. Even trying to get out to run errands can seem like this huge task!

So on the one hand while I feel like I am sloooowly emerging from the forest, on the other hand I can sometimes beat myself up for not doing enough! I think the secret is going to be being patient with myself. Remembering my baby is only 5. months. old. It’s okay I don’t have it all figured out yet.


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