Temporarily off work…33 weeks and counting

It started on Tuesday. Cramping, quick succession of Braxton hicks and low and behold some brown spotting. Panicked, I called the dr and they said just keep an eye on it. The next morning some more Brown spotting. So they brought me in for an ultrasound immediately. Everything looked fine but they did want me off work, which I’ve been since Wednesday. Although I have been working from home. I go back in Monday morning to mee with the doctor and I’m very curious as to what will happen next. Will I be out of work? Will I go back. 33 weeks and counting until we meet our precious girl.

Everything is starting to seem more real now. Just took a Lamaze class and I do recommend it. It’s great for partners mostly to learn how to tune in. Hip swaying good times. Looking forward to labor but don’t quote me on that.



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