Baby shower day-or-One of the best days of my life so far…31 weeks

Yesterday I got to bask in the love of family and friends at my baby shower. My mom, mother in law and nieces grandmother all worked incredibly hard to put this together. Not to mention my dear friend Kirtley who traveled from Boston to be here, the people who sent their love from afar, my sisters who helped plan, my father in law for getting the space, brother in law for helping and my dad for just being there and telling me he was proud of us…and everyone who was there. Of course my baby daddy and wonderful life partner husband who was so attentive and supportive and checked on me and got me all the water I needed– I was heating up with all the excitement. Just thank you. 

It’s amazing to know our baby is already loved and we have a support system in place. Sorry if this post seems gratuitous I just want to remember the day forever. Now we just prepare for baby! 


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