5 weeks 5 Days

There are some moments when I think yep, definitely something going on. Definitely our sweet bean is strong and growing and growing. And other moments where I think, ahhh, what if this dream come true is about to come crashing down. The symptoms can be so inconsistent. I know..think positive. I promise you I am! but alas, I am only human. I have doubts. affirmation

I have had to travel for work so you know what that means…PIO shot solo time baby. I read another blog which referred to a woman administering solo pio shots as “the Chuck Norris’ of IVF” and I COULD NOT AGREE MORE. Well it has been going ok! And by “going ok” I mean I successfully stabbed my own butt and did not die. #eyeofthetiger

I have my next ultrasound tomorrow. I will follow up with updates. I have to say, at church on Sunday I prayed for my bean. But throughout this process, especially on and after transfer day I had so many prayers and light sent my way it truly elevated me. I continue to be in awe and to be so profoundly grateful. It really helps. What else helps? I have enjoyed listening to meditations and reading books about relaxation, especially How to Relax by Thich Nhat Hanhchakra

Sending light and love back to you. Thanks for reading.




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