Beta 2…13dp5dt

I guess you could say I am in shock. It was hard to believe that I was almost as nervous awaiting results for beta 2 as I was for beta 1, but the numbers are in…3,386! Ahwhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa?! I can’t help but wonder if our sweet little emby split. Chances=small, but who knows!

We go back in for an ultrasound Friday. Yes, internet–this Friday.image1I am so grateful and over the moon. I keep forgetting and remembering and remembering again to pray in gratitude and dance and smile and hug everyone. My hormones; however, well they like to tell things their way. A little way I like to call crying hysterically about things that are not that big of a deal. Something I am going to, uh, definitely have to work on!!

I love you all. If this post is hard, or any of my recent ones are, please know I understand and am also shining lots of love your way.carlsagan-universe-Quotes-Cosmos-Stars-love-Quotes

More updates soon.




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