The pendulum of doubt (and hope)

5dp5dt here writing from a rainy yet beautiful Cape Cod. Well it is impossible to say. One minute I’m elated with cramps and the next I’m wrought with despair and no sign to be seen. 

The two biggest indicators right now are occasional cramps, yes period like but what cramps aren’t? The only thing is they are not constant by any means. Therefore I feel like it could all be in my head? FUN! Second is tender breasts and frequent pees but ONLY at night. WTF. My boobs being sore is great but it really is only noticeable when I get up at night. 3x last night! 

Spencer made me promise not to test before beta. I’m not sure I can make it. But today is my dads birthday and tomorrow our 3rd wedding anniversary and 2nd ttc. So the happy with the sad, the pendulum of life swings on.


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