Two smelly incidents 

As any gal in the ttc community knows sense of smell is a hallmark sign of pregnancy. My question is how do you distinguish between something genuinely smelly vs the magic of a smell only your nostrils capture? 

Two cases.

Case 1: In bed the other night with Spencer. “Do you smell that skunk?!!!” I almost yelled. “Yeah, maybe a little” he responded. “Do you think it got in the house?!” I cried. It smelled so strong I thought the skunk burgled our house. I thought it was INSIDE. “No, definitely not” he said. Ok fine.

Case 2: Walked in the kitchen. Pee yewwww dog food!! Thought there was a bowl of dog food on the counter. False! It was a closed bag of dog food all the way by the door.Symptom spotting..who me?! 


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