Transfer Scheduled



OKAY HERE.WE.GO! The Transfer date is in the books for next Thursday, June 30th. When the nurse offered acupuncture at first I was not so sure because of the added cost. And then I remembered the cost of, oh yeah, this whole process and that my good friend had also done acupuncture before and after and is now pregnant with a darling girl. So, acupuncture before and after the FET it is!

I am SO excited. Any time a negative thought creeps in I try to pop it like a balloon. OUT OUT damn spot! So that is fun.

I will be off of work for the next THREE WEEKS THANK THE GOOD LORD starting on Friday, so the timing couldn’t be better to relax. Even still I will be home bound, with nothing but gentle walks scheduled on Thursday and Friday. I will plan on wearing warm socks despite it being JULY because of the old trick “warm feet, warm uterus”…scientifically plausible? Probably not. Can it hurt? Again, probably not.

Also, we are planning on transferring one emby. Seeing as how I am “young” at 30 and have no track record of ivf, the emby is in pretty good shape, the Dr. recommends we are conservative with one. I have also read that putting in two doesn’t up my success odds that much but it does up our multiple odds a bunch. I kind of just want to put in two because at this point we just want our baby.

How many embies did you put in? Any other tips for after FET?

Thinking of all the ladies out there coping in difficult moments now too..hugs.





5 thoughts on “Transfer Scheduled

  1. I have the same internal battle with how many to put in. We are scheduled for transfer at the end of next month and I go back and forth. Part of me would love twins and like you, I just want it to work and I feel like putting two ups my chances of that. But part of me just wants to be able to enjoy one baby, I feel like it would probably be easier and as long as we’ve waited for this part of me just wants to be able to smother one little baby with love. haha!


    • I love this. I feel exactly the same! How AMAZING would twins be. I imagine them being best friends and us being done with ttc for a long while if not forever. On the other hand, pre term birth and time in the nicu is alarming as we of course only want the best for our embies. It is a tough call! Thanks for sharing your thought process too. ❤


      • Yes that too! I’m plus size anyways so I worry about high risk and my babies spending time in the NICU. I’ve seen some others who have been through infertility having a real struggle with going home without babies and it bringing back some really awful memories. I would probably lock myself to their NICU crib and refuse to leave their side. LOL!

        I’ve tried to just pray about it, and to just wait until the last minute and follow my heart. I know in my heart that if we did have twins, it would be all we ever knew and we would manage just fine.

        Sending you lots of positive thoughts and prayers for an awesome transfer that leads to AT LEAST one healthy baby 😉

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  2. Good luck! We are going in for our 4th attempt at DEIVF today and have done Acupuncture every time as well, definitely helps keep me mellow (along with the valium!) We had been transferring one at a time but this time are transferring two so we’ll see as it’s our last attempt.

    Re: “odds” is an interesting thing, technically your odds increase just because if you’re putting in more than one, hoping for at least one winner, it’s a time saver. But just having 2 in there doesn’t make either embryo more viable. Chromosomal abnormalities are the primary reason for failure I’ve been told. I hope your transfer goes well!!

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