IVF and FET and lions, tigers and bears

WOW! It has been a while since we last spoke so I would love to catch you up to what has been going on with our journey and where we are headed.

So, we began the IVF process almost a month and a half ago (early May.) Which is hard to believe! On the one hand it feels like no time has passed and on the other hand, it feels like foreverrrr. Anyways, we knew at our initial consult for IVF we wanted to do what is called a frozen cycle from the beginning, partially because we had read it is better for the body to recover from the hormones and partially because our doctor agreed with us and stated that frozen cycles currently have higher success rates at our clinic than fresh transfers.

So, we began the IVF medication protocol. It was way less intimidating than I initially thought, but I did and continue to have to stop and pause and say hey you are doing great this is really a lot to take on physically, emotionally and as an individual/ and couple. Reading other ivf blogs and speaking with my support network of IVF achievers has been incredibly helpful (you know who you are ;))

I went through the stimulation process for 10 days. I took evening shots every day, which my favorite husband helped concoct. We realized soon in it was actually easier for me to administer myself than to wait for him to do it. Yes I realize this makes me the classic #controller but c’est la vie. If there is ever a zombie apocalypse and you need a make shift nurse I am now your gal.

I took evening shots (to help produce eggs) everyday but by the 5th or 6th day I began taking morning shots (to help prevent ovulating said eggs) too. I only had one melt down, which was when Spencer was away and I was worried I mixed the medicine wrong and could no longer use it which would case it run out–and of course timing is everything so no pressure or anything, right?!

Well, it was a high stress moment but ultimately worked out fine, we had enough medicine and the sweet nurses helped me off the ledge and with enough mental capacity to pull my act together and get my a** to work on time! I’ll never forget, it was teacher appreciation week and parent’s made us breakfast. It was delicious and kind and helped lift my spirits.

So, when my ovaries couldn’t make anymore, I had my trigger shot and we went in for our Egg retrieval on May 11th! On that day the nurse informed us that we would have HAD to do a frozen cycle anyways because I was at risk for Ovarian hyper stimulation with a high E2 level of nearly 3,000. This was perfectly fine with us anyways because we were wanting to do that already, which anyone who has been through this process knows the value of signs and I felt like this was definitely one.

Egg retrieval was a very exciting but of course nerve wracking day. We retrieved 17 eggs, 13 of which were mature, 10 fertilized, and 8 made it to freeze. We had 3 by day 5, 3 by day 6 and 2 by day 7. The 3 from day 5 were looking the strongest with a 4AA, a 4AB and a 4BB, the rest kind of went down in grade from there although the nurse said grades are somewhat irrelevant.  We were  and continue to be THRILLED with so many potential babes.


Adventures in New Orleans between after Egg Retrieval

That day, I went home and rested. I hate to miss work but having been under anesthesia it was not an option. My sweet loving husband got my soft serve which of course makes everything delightful. The hardest part for me was no exercise during stims or after, you just need to take it easy and be careful. I listened to my body and I am glad I did because it can be seriously dangerous, especially since I was at risk for OHSS and had no idea before hand.

4 days after my egg retrieval I began birth control and took it all the way through the package. (hello again 20s!) Then, I went in for baseline halfway through and began lupron injections of 10ml. Then I went in last week (June 8th) and my lupron was cut to 5ml and I began estrogen pills (3x vaginally… oh my) and go in next week for ultrasound (June 22nd) and bw to see if we are ready for the transfer which is tentatively scheduled for June 28th!

I cannot believe we can see the date on the calendar. I am so blessed by all the love around me. This time between beginning IVF to now has been a blessing too. It has allowed me to focus on finishing the school year strong and supporting my team as well as attend a fabulous wedding of a dear old friend in New Orleans and give Spencer and I what will hopefully be a mini baby moon but inevitably an adventure to remember.

Thanks for reading this long post. More to come!




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