With Spring

With spring comes robins, gentle rain, wildly fluctuating temperatures (grrrr global warming) and the children and teachers at school slowly starting to feel the warmth and excitement of summer on the horizon.

It is one of my favorite seasons, I would rank it 2nd after the first place tie of summer and fall. Spencer’s birthday will be coming up soon. He requested a skateboard. He is turning 36. Needless to say, I am nervous for him. But hey, he is my dream man so he can have whatever he wants.

We are also looking forward/still trying to plan to attend a close friends wedding in New Orleans in May. I have never been there and am SUPER pumped. So yeah, I would say life is pretty darn good.

And, last but not least, spring brings the birds and the bees. Some of the birds and bees I speak of may be created in a lab but STILL JUST AS SPECIAL as your classic bird/bee scenario. Seriously though–I truly hope we are reaching the end of our nearly 2 year TTC journey, as we are planning to begin IVF in May. God willing we will be able to collect enough strong eggs to fertilize and freeze, let my body de-hormon-ize and then pop those lil suckers back in June. A sweet February baby, wouldn’t that be lovely?

So now, I am just waiting for my period to start so I can begin my last cycle before THE ENORMOUS BOX OF MEDICINE I will begin taking the following month. Hah. No I am excited though. Excited and full of nerves and other emotions.

The sad thing about in/fertility is that most people don’t talk about it until after they have been successful. Look, I get it!  I AM one of those people.There are lots of specialist poking around down there, last thing poor women need is nosy nillys poking around too! I love a message board, hell, this blog! But, I think I am *finally* going to tell a few staff members before I begin IVF. I want to lower my guard a little bit, I want to show my humanity off, and I want them to know why I mysteriously leave work or arrive late for 2 weeks.

Adventure awaits!




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