Living in the moment, despite this blog’s name.

I found this article via my fertility clinics website and was moved by it. A couple of things I’m thinking about from it: silence, coupledom, love and decisions about treatment processes. 

I think the choice to keep this blog as semi anon is good for now but one day I would like to change that and let people in; maybe even help someone or share their journey. But mostly take the risk to put myself out there and be fearless

In the meantime I’ve had a chance to reflect on our first iui failure. It was brutal but we’ve decided to try again. And then after revealing this even more to family ivf might even be an option one day too. For now- I am going to try and love and live in the moment. 

Finally, please meet Baloo! The surprise newest member of our family. My husband surprised me with him Friday after work! We are definitely keeping busy and excited about what the future holds. And the present moment for that matter.



2 thoughts on “Living in the moment, despite this blog’s name.

  1. I love your fearlessness!!! So many of us are going through fertility issues (refuse to call it infertility) and for so many reasons! This is tough stuff, but I love reading about your journey, your CHOICE to be positive and in-the-moment, and your next steps. No matter what, I have NO DOUBT that you will come out the other side stronger and fulfilled! LOVE YOU BOO.


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