Another TWW

So today, I went to church for the first time since Easter and man did it feel good. I just have to say like this whole trying to conceive thing is a huge headache, especially for a bonafide type A wishiwasntbutiam control freak. On top of the MC in march and the precancerous cells in June, faith is such a good reminder for me.

This will be my last cycle on clomid. I made an appointment with an RE for October 17th. S and I discussed adoption more seriously. Since he is finishing his PhD we are not in a major rush if we decide to adopt. And of course I am turning 30 later this month, which my friend at a party last night is just starting her ttc journey and is 39..little more stress there I think. The appointment It actually takes some of the pressure off. I am 5dpo and of course symptom spotting like crazy. It’s so wild how clomid really does mimic pregnancy symptoms.

I have one digital test and am waiting til next Saturday, 10dpo, to test…

GL to everyone on their journey. It is not easy but we are in it together.


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