LEEP round 2–over and done!

I am so glad to report that I survived my second LEEP operation this past Friday. Everything went smoothly, and the nurses, surgeon and everyone were just incredibly kind and supportive. The most challenging part was that I got sever facial hives/swelling the night before due to anxiety but didn’t take my usual claritin because I didn’t want it to affect the anesthesia. Turned out to be totally fine, once I got there they calmed right down and told me I could take benadryl if I needed to. I will say that getting wheeled around on a hospital gurney felt totally surreal. It has broadened my mindset and deepened my appreciation for people who have to spend long periods of time in the hospital. Also, they were playing Bob Marley when I went into the surgery room…oh the power of music.

It is a HUGE relief to have this behind me, and an incredible blessing I was even fortunate enough to have it done.

So, I will get my results in 2 weeks. The doctor said as soon as I was healed we could start TTC again. I am so excited. This might be crazy but I feel like now that my body doesn’t have to worry about fighting off evil cancer cells it can focus on making a beautiful baby creature.

Also, the farther along I go on this ttc journey the more people there are that come out of the wood work in support, whether their daughter took clomid or they conceived at 40. It makes me proud to be a woman and is a good reminder to always share your journey and be open and positive, you never know who’s day you might make.




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