A little trip to the oncologist…

Well! It is done and I am so relieved.

I have scoured the internet for a plethora of search terms including: multiple LEEP procedures, LEEPs and ttc and CIN3 etc and well I just hope this post might give someone in similar circumstances some hope. You can really scare yourself that way, FYI. Web MD is not a real doctor, damnit!

First of all, the oncologist did not seem concerned about my condition and said there are a lot of treatment options at this point.

(Brief history ; I had a LEEP in 2009, one abnormal pap in 2011 with a normal biopsy result and after my chemical pregnancy I had an abnormal pap leading to a colposcopy and CIN3 in 2015, currently ttc #1 on clomid)

He also said that I still have plenty of cervix left and that I will have a light scraping LEEP to remove the “frisky” cell areas. He said the cells have not spread into the cervix which would require a Cone biopsy.

I am scheduled for the LEEP on 7/31, and will get the results 2 weeks after that. I think I can rest easy when those come in. But for now, he seemed optimistic and I am going to go with that, and that the cells do not look cancerous. He also said, and get this because I was excited and read it could take months, he said in my case it would only take 2-3 weeks to heal and then we could start ttc again! #delighted.

In the meantime, if I do discover we “caught the egg” this month and I am pregnant, then I will just be closely monitored during pregnancy and deal with the cells after birth. If it were to develop into cancer during pregnancy then it would probably require a hysterectomy after delivery, but that we would be relatively okay on time (AKA the cancer most likely would not spread quickly.)

I am-overall -relieved! He said to cut back on stress too as that lowers the immune system. So, cheers to the good news! I hope this post is helpful to anyone dealing with this. It is hard. I did have to suck it in and kick back my legs on that table (yet again!) but I know there are many women out there getting chemo, giving birth, having hysterectomies who are super brave and me being in awe of them just increased tenfold.

please comment with any questions…





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