Time to make the…babies?!

Since my last post three great things have happened.

1- I had the joy of going to Cape Cod with S and my parents. We ate lobster, drank wine, waded in tide pools and watched sunsets. O, glorious summer!

And oh…on the last night S and I were in P town and I saw a sign for a 10$ psychic reading. welp, couldn’t help myself. She read my palm; long happy life, one marriage, two kids. TWO KIDS! I know I know, they aren’t “reliable sources” but it made my heart swell. She did say my chakras had some blockages which needed to be straightened out first.

I found this and love it: How to balance your Chakras

2- I got a call from the allergist because I had random lip swelling in May. Well, it is not hereditary angiodema (AKA HAE which by the way is a terrible chronic and life threatening condition) I was worried about because my mom also has facial swelling. Hooray for that!

3-I finally got my darker than the control line positive OPK today! It is also frer and it just feels so darn good to look down and see two dark lines on a frer test. All my ttc and poasa ladies know what I’m talking about there!

So it’s time to get going and keep those fingers crossed!

err…I mean babies!


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