This was me yesterday.

On this ttc journey, one step I wanted to try was acupuncture. And not just to try to catch the egg as they say, but for my overall health.

I went into a small windowless office, where my fear quickly dissipated upon meeting the soft spoken acupuncturist. After answering some very detailed, ahem, questions about my cycle (I really am just all out there these days) I went into a larger room with a bunch of reclining chairs set out. He explained that we would start small today, placing a few needles in my leg, fingers and forehead.

It was very relaxing. But not at first, I felt nervous, like maybe something was wrong or I was going to have a bad reaction. It is empowering to quell inner anxiety, to focus on your breathing. I almost fell asleep in the chair.

Before I knew it the hour was up and I was off to my sister in laws house to visit her and her new baby.

I don’t know if it will help make my periods longer, or stop my allergies or heal me all over. But I think any time we set aside for our own spiritual and mental relaxation and true detachment is good and restorative.

I think I will go back…


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